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AshDAO Proposal Guide

How to create a proposal

There are certain criteria that need to be met for a user to create a proposal.
  • The user must have a minimum of 50.000 veASH at the time of proposal creation.
  • The user should have yet to create any proposals within the last seven days.
For a proposal to be listed on AshDAO, its owner must first initiate a discussion on the AshSwap forum. The proposal’s URL should start with:

Step 1: Stake ASH to get veASH at Governance Staking

Stake ASH to get veASH at Governance Staking

Step 2: Start creating your proposal

Visit the Proposal Voting page and click Create Proposal
Choose your Proposal Action:
  • Proposal Type:
    • Whitelist farm to receive ASH farm: Proposal to decide whether a farm is listed in ASH Farm Controller.
    • Start/Stop ASH reward for a farm: Proposal to stop or start distributing ASH reward for a farm.
  • Farm Address: choose which farm you want to make an effect
  • Type Weight: currently we’re offering 2 Type Weight: StablePool or CryptoPool, each Type Weight has its own gauge type weight that will affect the $ASH emission of the pool and align with the Gauge Weight Voting formula below
Users can propose to AshDAO to create more Type Weight with preferred Gtw. The new Type Weight will be added to Farm Controller as long as that proposal is passed by AshDAO.
Fill in your Proposal Info:
  • Proposal Title: A short summary of your proposal with a limit of 120 characters.
  • Proposal Description: describe the detail of your proposal here in Markdown format, this section has a limit of 520 characters.
  • Link to Description:
After filling in the necessary information, click Done & Create and confirm on your wallet, then wait for a while till the proposal appears in the AshDAO interface.

(Optional) Create a Bribe for your proposal

After your proposal is created, you can create a Bribe to attract more users to vote for your proposal

How to vote for a proposal

Choose the proposal you want to vote on with the status “Active - Can Vote”
Check the description carefully and choose your vote: Support, or Against; choose the percent of Voting Power you want to vote, then confirm the transaction on your wallet.
Please notice that you can only vote in 1 time, it’s unable to undo.

Proposal’s Life Circle on Mainnet

  • Pending: Until the next Thursday
  • Active: 7 days
  • Approved: 14 days before expired
Notice: a voting epoch happens from 0:00 UTC Thursday to 0:00 UTC next Thursday (7 days)

Proposal’s Life Circle on Devnet

  • Pending: Until the next 30 mins or 60 mins
  • Active: 24h
  • Approved: maximum 90 mins before expired

Proposal’s “Passed” Status Requirements

A proposal will need to meet 2 criteria to be counted as “passed”:
  • Support (50% required): the support vote needs to be higher than 50the % of the total vote
  • Quorum: (>30% required): a proposal need to have at least 30% veASH voted compared to the total veASH staked in Governance Staking
Those criteria will change depending on each type of proposal
Please notice that your Voting Power gradually decreases from the middle of a voting epoch (12 pm Sunday) as the proposal voting time approaches its end.
your Voting Power = min(veASH, 2veASH(endTime - now)/voteTime)
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