AshSwap Docs

Swap/ Trade

A step-by-step guide to swap assets on AshSwap.


Go to AshSwap page.
Select input currency you want to swap from.
Search the token you want or choose the suggested token
Your token, balance, and some of suggested output will appear.
Select output currency you want to swap to.
Search for token or choose the suggested pairs
Enter swapping amounts.
Enter one of the two amounts, the other will be calculated
Confirm the transaction(s) in your wallet and wait for confirmations.

Wait, There's more

We take your experience very seriously, there are some more advanced and smarter ways to select currencies.

Quick Suggestion

After selecting the input currency, you can quickly select the output currency.
To us, every user click counts
When you have not selected any currency, you can input a pair of currencies in the search bar to find any available pair that are supported by AshSwap.
Simply fast

Swap Details


Which liquidity providers earn from successful transactions. Don't worry, It's small.

Price Impact

Making a trade shifts the ratio of tokens in the pool, causing this change in price per token.

Minimum Received

The minimum amount you would get after subtracting fees and maximum slippage being reached.

Slippage Tolerance

You can change this in settings to either make sure you get the amount you want or your transaction will not be reverted.