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Aggregator Integration

How projects and protocols can integrate AshSwap Aggregator or be integrated.


AshSwap welcomes everyone who wants to integrate our Aggregator, yet there are a few "soft" rules:
  • Users must be informed that the AshSwap Aggregator API is in use, such as mention us in your announcement of new features and applications.
  • A phrase such as "Powered by AshSwap Aggregator" on Integrator's UI is an extremely kind
  • Avoid modifying the AshSwap Aggregator smart contract, whether it be within the SDK or not.
  • AshSwap reserves the prerogative to withhold assistance from unscrupulous individuals.


Contact us regarding the integration of your DEX pools/markets with AshSwap Aggregator.

UI Providers

AshSwap SDK provides developers with an SDK to integrate AshSwap pools, farms, and aggregators:
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