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Understand the Total APR of Farms

Total APR = Token rewards + Trading APR

Token rewards is ASH Emission

Trading APR is estimated growth of your deposit over a year, based on trading activity in the past 24 hours.

According to the image above we have an estimated range of APR from 61.47% to 153.29%:

  • 61.47% is the current APR for all users who have staked their LP tokens on that farm without Yield Boost.

  • 153.29% is the maximum APR after Yield Boosting (x2.5 times max) has been applied.

To start liquidity staking, you first need to have LP tokens. Go to Add / Remove Liquidity to learn more.

By staking LP tokens, you can farm ASH with the possibility to boost your yield by up to 250%. A guide on how to yield boost can be found in yield boost.


The multi-reward of a farm will be initiated when an individual or organization contacts AshSwap and requests the addition of their token to the whitelist. If their request is approved, the farm that was requested to be added to the whitelist will become eligible for multi-reward. LPs can receive more than one token reward when farming in these designated farms.

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