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Liquidity Provision Guide

Add Liquidity

Start by choosing one of the pools listed on the Pool page. Each pool has its respective trading APR depending on the volume traded in such pool.
Click Deposit to start adding liquidity to the pool. The window below will appear.
Perform single-sided liquidity - fast and easy
Input the amount of token you wish to add to the pool. To make it extremely easy, Ashswap allows you to add liquidity in any ratio. For example, if the pool has 3 tokens - USDC, USDT, and BUSD. You can add one, two, or three tokens in any ratio and the pool will automatically balance its tokens. It’s similar to you swapping to other tokens yourself and adding liquidity afterwards.
If you already have balances in all tokens, it’s even better as you don’t need to pay the swapping fees, but otherwise, you can add straight in any ratio.
Finally, click Deposit and sign the Transaction in your wallet.
Pro tip:
After depositing, you can click the Your Pools button to filter and see which pools you are on. Your estimated rewards are shown in the UI.
Estimated reward might be slightly different from your actual reward
After adding tokens into the pools, you will receive LP tokens as proof for providing liquidity to the pool. Now it is where the fun begins - put your LP-tokens and earn more by conducting Liquidity Staking.

Withdraw Liquidity

Should you wish to withdraw liquidity, enter your desired withdrawal amount? We will simulate the impact of your withdrawal on the panel on the right. Keep in mind that your farming reward will be taken out at the same time as your liquidity.
You can withrdaw fully or partially your liquidity
After confirming the transaction in your wallet, the withdrawal result should display a variety of tokens from the pool, similar to when you add tokens to the pool.
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