🚮Farm Weight Voting

AshSwap DAO, or AshDAO as we like to call it, is a place for veASH holders to vote for specific metrics of AshSwap. The goal is to allow the community to govern the underlying protocol and create more utility for veASH holders.

Voting Power

Voting power is represented by the number of veASH one has. The more veASH, the higher the voting weight.

Token Emission Voting

AshSwap has a fixed amount of total ASH emissions to farms, but the DAO decides the distribution ratio between farms. Every week at Thursday 00:00 UTC, users can vote. If one has already voted, he does not need to vote again if he does not want to change his vote. The more vote a farm has, the more ASH that farm receives.

For example, if the ASH emission is 300,000 ASH/week and the farm weights of the pools are:


  • ASH/USDT: 30%

  • EGLD/BUSD: 20%

The rewards distribution are:

  • USDC/USDT/BUSD: 150,000 ASH/week

  • ASH/USDT: 90,000 ASH/week

  • EGLD/BUSD: 60,000 ASH/week

This is an implicit yield boost for veASH holders in addition to the primary Yield Boost mechanism. Why is that? If you are an LP in a pool and have veASH, you can vote for the pools you are in to direct more rewards to your pools and further increase your yields.

ASH Farms

Even though AshSwap allows projects to create their liquidity pools and farms, it does not mean every farm will receive ASH rewards. For the farms to receive ASH rewards, they must be included in the list of ASH farms. Projects can create proposals to include their farms; if the majority of veASH holders vote in favor, the farms will be included and receive ASH rewards. How much ASH the farms receive again depends on the result of [Token Emission Voting].

This leads us to the Bribe mechanism.

📝Farm Weight Voting Guide

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