❔Popular Error Message

Please check the Explorer page for the error message if your Transactions are not processed, and compare the results to the information in the table below.

Error MessageReasonSolution

Lower than minimum

The token amount that was calculated on the UI was not the same as the token amount that you would receive after sending the Tx. There was a difference between the two, and if your slippage was too low, the amount that you could receive was outside of the range that was calculated, and the Tx would have failed.

Adjust the slippage (in the Swap page) and redo the aciton

Withdrawal resulted in fewer coins than expected

Before the time that transactions could be processed, the token that was stored in the pool was updated. Because of this, the amount of output that the user receives is less than what was anticipated, and as a result, the transaction does not successfully safeguard the user's money.

Redo the action

Computed amount out lesser than minimum amount out

Before the transaction is processed, there were already some changes made to the tokens in the pool. Because of this, the amount of output that was received was less than what was anticipated, which means that the transaction did not succeed in safeguarding the user's money.

Adjust the slippage threshold appropriately (if the market is experiencing high traffic, for example, you should raise the maximum amount of slippage allowed to a high value in order to guarantee that tx will be executed), and then redo the action.

Withdraw old tokens first

Staked ASH in governance has an expired unlock; the user must unlock the stake first before adding a lock.

Unlock your old governance-locked ASH first

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