What is Bribe?

Bribes are offered to individuals with voting power to influence the outcome of a vote. This involves two parties:

  • The person or project offering the bribe (the "briber") aims to increase their voted veASH on AshSwap DAO without directly buying or owning veASH voting power.

  • The individuals accepting the bribe (the "bribe takers") are a group of veASH holders who agree to trade their current voting power for valuable assets, such as stablecoins or other tokens.

Bribe Types

There are 2 types of Bribe available on AshDAO: Farm Weight Voting Bribe and Proposal Voting Bribe

  1. Farm Weight Voting Bribe (or Farm Bribe)

After voting for the desired farm to receive bribes, your votes will be retained for subsequent epochs until you unvote them. You will be eligible to receive your bribes in the next epoch.

Farm Weight Voting Bribe Formula

Bribe = Total Treasures * Your Capacity of X farm in Farm Weight Voting

These are some criteria you need to check:

  • Total Treasures: the amount of the pool’s bribe.

  • Capacity: the ratio of your veASH weight votes for the X farm over its total veASH weight votes.

  • Available Until: the last day you can claim your current reward.

Note: If you forget to claim your reward within the DAO cycle (7 days), your reward will return to the Total rewards pool and be divided equally among other participants in the next DAO cycle.

  1. Proposal Voting Bribe (or Proposal Bribe)

You can utilize your total veASH amount to vote simultaneously for multiple different proposals. After each voting epoch, your votes will be revoked. You will be eligible to receive rewards when those proposals are approved. For instance, if you possess a total of 10,000 veASH and there are 5 proposals, you can vote with 10,000 veASH for proposal 1, another 10,000 veASH for proposal 2, and similarly distribute them across proposals 3, 4, and 5.

Proposal Voting Bribe Formula:

Bribe = Total Treasures * (Your total veASH / Total veASH vote yes)

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