📝Governance Staking Guide

1. Stake ASH to get veASH

Visit https://app.ashswap.io/gov and choose Stake Management

Input the ASH amount you want to stake & choose the lock duration

Note that the ratio from ASH to veASH is as below

Your locked ASH will not be eligible for withdrawal before the locked period, hence, kindly review your stake info carefully before comfirming the Tx

If you have more ASH, either by buying ASH or Harvesting from your staked LP pool, you can choose to lock them to boost your reward even more. You can also choose to extend your lock period for the current locked ASH.

Once you are happy with your choice, click Stake and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

2. Claim Governance reward

By locking ASH, you can earn from 50% of the trading fees across all pools at AshSwap. Your reward will be denominated in the form of LP token of the main pool, which you can swap back to a stablecoin or any tokens of your choice.

Your LP-token reward is shown in the UI. Click Harvest to claim your reward.

Governance Staking Reward formula:

Your Governance Staking Reward = 50% Trading Fee x  your veASH Capacity 

For example:

This week we have a total of $200 trading fee. The reward for veASH holders is 50% of the total trading fee and our veASH capacity is 1%. Enter the formula:

Your Governance Staking Reward value = $100 x 1% = $1


  • Your reward will be updated at 00:00 every Thursday on AshSwap Mainnet (and every 30 minutes on AshSwap Devnet).

  • If you do not see your reward at 00:00 Thursday or you see the Harvest button light up but the reward is still $0.00, it could be because your reward is too small to appear on the UI.

  • Your veASH weight gradually decreases as your escrowed tokens approach their lock expiry. Does it mean users will lose money everyday? Of course not, when your veASH decreases to 0. It also means that the lock period of your ASH is over. You can withdraw your staked ASH right away. However, If you want to keep your veASH stays on the maximum, just extend your lock period.

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