đŸĒ™AshSwap Tokenomics

Last update: Oct 10th, 2022

Token Metrics

  • 10% of ASH tokens were issued for a Private Sale and 100 million tokens will be sold to strategic and financial investors.

  • 7% of ASH tokens were sold during our Public Sale on Maiar Launchpad.

  • The Farming allocation is 38% and will be reserved for Farming rewards.

  • The Liquidity allocation is 15% and will be used for providing liquidity to the pools on our protocol.

  • The Community allocation is 8%, which is mainly dedicated to the adoption and growth that the projects will need throughout the entire journey.

  • 2% of ASH tokens will be reserved for Advisory shares, to key ambassadors, advisors, and partners who participated in the development of Ashswap.

  • 15% of ASH tokens will be allocated to the Team, it incentivizes the current and future team members for their determination and engagement in revolutionizing the Elrond Blockchain by rewarding them; this allocation will be fully unlocked in 4.5 years.

Use of funds

The AshSwap team plans to allocate the proceeds of the ASH token sale as follows:

All funds are held in a multisig cold wallet controlled by the core team. Any movements of funds require at least 3 out of 4 signatures from the management & security team.

Unlock & Vesting

To have a better look over the detailed vesting schedule, click here.

AshSwap will implement an unlocking and vesting mechanism to create a safe and trusted investment environment. This will open up clarity for the following investors involved and also demonstrate the commitment of the partners already involved in AshSwap. You can check the details of the token vesting schedule below.

Circulating Supply Graph

This graph intends to showcase the initial distribution of the ASH token at its launch and throughout its lifecycle.

$LKASH 101:

  • $LKASH tokens are non-transferrable.

  • Can be exchanged for $ASH with a 1:1 ratio after 3 months counted from the TGE.

  • Can be used for adding liquidity and farms.

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