📝Farm Boost Guide

Visit Farm Boost page at https://app.ashswap.io/gov/boost/ and your current farms will appear

A couple of data points are shown here: Current Boost | New Boost | Max boost range

By default, all of your veASH will be consumed for boosting up your position.

The Calculator feature allows you to simulate your yield boost by adjusting the parameters. Experiment with different input values to find the best strategy to maximize your return!

Last, to officially apply the potential boost as shown in the progress bar, click Confirm new Boost.

If you are farming in more than one pool, your veASH will boost the emission across ALL your pools, not just one! For example, if you have 1000 veASH and participate in 3 pools as LP, each pool will receive a boost of 1000 veASH.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your Governance veASH will NOT be affected after using available veASH for boosting.

  • If you want to have more veASH for boosting, move to Governance Stake and lock more ASH.

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