๐Ÿ“œAshGuard Merge Guide

By merging 2 same-tiered NFTs, you can upgrade your AshGuard to 1-tier higher NFT. This upgrade feature is available at the same time as you mint new NFTs. (Details on the benefits of each tier.)

The merging mechanism is as below:

  1. Visit https://ashguard.xyz/ and connect your wallet.

  2. Navigate to the โ€œMergeโ€ section and select two NFTs of the same tier that you wish to merge.

3. Press the โ€œMergeโ€ button to initiate the process. This will require you to have some $ASH tokens to cover the merging fees. For specific fee details, please refer to the above image.

4. Confirm the transaction through your wallet. Your new NFT will be delivered to your wallet shortly after the transaction is completed successfully.

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