📝Liquidity Staking Guide

Stake LP tokens

Step 1: Choose The Farm in which you want to stake your LP Tokens and click Deposit. Stats on Emission APR, Total LP staked, and the Total liquidity of the pool are shown in each pool. These numbers affect the ASH reward you get.

Step 2: Put in the amount of LP tokens you wish to stake. An estimated ASH reward per day will be shown in the right panel.

Once you are happy, click Confirm and verify the transaction in your wallet.

Unstake LP Tokens

You can choose to unstake all or part of your staked LP tokens. A simulation of how much less ASH you earn per day as a result of the unstaking event will be shown on the right panel. Please remember that you will also get your ASH reward at the same time as your LP tokens.

Step 1: Choose the Farm you want to unstake your LP Tokens and click Unstake

Step 2: Input the amout of LP Tokens you want to unstake and click Unstake

Claim ASH Reward

There are two ways to claim your ASH reward

  • Click the Claim button in each pool to claim your ASH reward separately.

  • If you are farming in multiple farms, you can claim your ASH reward in all farms by clicking the Claim Reward button in the Your Reward section.

Pro tip: You can maximize your yields by using the Farm Boost feature to boost your ASH incentive you can get up to 2.5x

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