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AshSwap Token

ASH token and how it works within the AshSwap Protocol and Platform.

Native Token - ASH

ASH is the native token of AshSwap. It serves as the entry for extended features and incentivizes liquidity providers on the platform.
ASH Token Utility:
  • Revenue Sharing
  • DAO Voting Right
  • Farming Yield Boosting
  • Stablecoin Minting Fee (coming)
This helps:
  • Reduce selling pressure & create constant buying pressure
  • Bring benefits to long-term holders
  • Create revenue stream
By locking ASH for a certain amount of time in Governance Staking, users get veASH in return and have multiple benefits.

Obtaining ASH

  • ASH can be obtained by participating in Liquidity Staking (Farming) program on AshSwap and Metastaking program on xExchange.
  • ASH is currently listed on xExchange (ASH/EGLD) and AshSwap’s concentrated liquidity pool (ASH/USDT).

Governance Token - veASH

ve stands for Voting Escrow, a system for temporarily locking up tokens (such as veCRV for Curve; or veASH for AshSwap). Take veASH as an example, the veToken serves the following purposes:
  • Earn 50% of the trading across all pools on the exchangeAshSwap Litepaper​
  • Be able to boost farming yields, by up to 250%
  • Have Voting Power in AshDAO in which users can participate in governing specific metrics in AshSwap products
  • ​Earn Bribe while voting in AshDAO
As AshSwap evolves and more products are developed, veASH holders will continue to benefit from those greatly.
Last modified 6mo ago