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Why AshPerp?

The First Perpeptual DEX on MultiversX

As reported by Token Terminal, major Decentralized Perpetuals DEXs have recorded over $1.5 billion in trading volumes, generating nearly $700k in fees daily. The realm of Derivatives and Perpetual Trading stands out as one of the most growing sectors within the DeFi ecosystem.On MultiversX network, AshPerp stands as the first protocol to introduce this approach. This pioneering position signifies our innovation and leadership in the MultiverX DeFi space, which offers traders the advantage of early adoption.

The One-stop DeFi Hub on MultiversX

  • AshSwap aims to become a comprehensive MultiversX One-stop DeFi Hub, where users can fulfill their DeFi journey with our top-notch set of products, including Stable-swap, Liquidity Mining, DAO, and now Perps DEX.
  • A value-added ecosystem for ASH tokens and veASH holders

Technical Advances

  • Fully Decentralized Trading
    • AshPerp operates as a fully decentralized platform, enabling traders to open long and short positions via smart contracts. This means it's YOUR TRADE, YOUR DECISION. We are unable to make any alterations to your active trades without your approval through the smart contract to either a stoploss or take profit, except for the cases where your position requires liquidation.
    • Traders can enjoy the benefits of self-custody, security, and transparency.
  • Synthetic Approach to Support Multiple Assets and High Leverage
    • All trading pairs on AshPerp are supported by Oracles and do not require the underlying tokens. This unique feature makes AshPerp versatile and suitable for MultiversX, especially where on-chain crypto assets are limited.
    • Traders can access high-leverage trading opportunities across diverse asset classes. This level of leverage allows traders to amplify their potential returns and diversify their asset portfolio effectively.
  • Safe Vault Operation
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