If you're on Devnet and do not have the tokens, we have you covered.

To be able to test AshSwap, you need both, our faucets for tokens and MultiversX's faucet for transaction fees.

Update on JAN 05, 2023:

Do not forget to choose "Devnet" on the Network list.

dEGLD Faucet - gas fee

Go to https://r3d4.fr/faucet and paste your wallet address, choose Devnet network, click Submit, and you have enough dEGLD for many transactions. So easy, I sometimes wish this is real EGLD.

In case the r3d4 faucet does not work properly, let's visit https://wallet.elrond.com/unlock/walletconnect, connect your devnet wallet & claim the dEGLD there.

AshSwap Devnet Faucet

🔗 https://faucet-devnet.ashswap.io/

You can claim the assets every 24 hours

Now you're good to go. Have fun using AshSwap!

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