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A step-by-step guide to swap assets on AshSwap.

Aggregator Swap Guide

AshSwap DEX Aggregator aims to serve as the go-to trading portal on MultiversX by ensuring a seamless, efficient, and secure trading experience. Thanks to our Dynamic Trade Routing, Each user will receive a full package of information on prices, slippage, and gas fees via the most optimal route.

How to use Aggregator?

When you utilize the Swap functionality, the Aggregator is always applied as part of the process. Therefore, there will be no change in how Swap is operated compared to the standard procedure.

Step 1: Connect your Wallet

đŸ’ŗpageConnect a Wallet

Step 2: Choose the asset and input the amount you want to swap

Step 3: Swap your asset with an optimized cost by AshSwap Aggregator

Search Token

Step 1: Click on the token box as shown below

Step 2: Input the token name which you want to trade and choose the token you are looking for

Swap Details


Which liquidity providers earn from successful transactions. Don't worry, It's small.

Price Impact

Making a trade shifts the ratio of tokens in the pool, causing this change in price per token.

Minimum Received

The minimum amount you would get after subtracting fees and maximum slippage being reached.

Slippage Tolerance

You can change this in settings to either make sure you get the amount you want, or your transaction will not be reverted.

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