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What Is AshGuard NFT Collection?

AshGuard NFT is a trading utility NFT collection for use on AshPerp. By staking these NFTs, users can access tier-based perks, including fee rebates, spread discounts, and potential community rewards during trades on AshPerp.

AshPerp itself is the first perpetual DEX on the MultiversX network, built as part of the AshSwap DeFi Hub. It offers perpetual leveraged trading up to 100x, supports a variety of asset pairs, and caters to the growing demand for decentralized futures trading within MultiversX.The official Mainnet launch of AshPerp is expected in early March 2024.

The Utilities Of AshGuard NFT

More than mere collectibles, AshGuard wields the might of utility NFTs, blending captivating visuals and DeFi prowess.

  • For AshPerp users: When you stake AshGuard with AshPerp, you are entitled for open fee rebates and get discounts on fixed spreads, scaled by NFT tiers.

The higher your tier, the greater the benefits, allowing you to trade more effectively with superior execution prices and reduced fees. Plus, you can stack these rebates with a 10% discount from our Referral Program, saving up to 60% on fees.

  • For NFT enthusiasts: AshGuard NFTs are not just your average utility NFTs; each one is uniquely crafted, blending Norse inspiration with a modern anime style that sets them apart.

  • Thanks to the exclusive merging mechanism, AshGuard NFTs are upgradable for increased trading benefits, leading to a higher value.

  • Staking AshGuard NFTs positions you favorably for upcoming community rewards.

  • There are five tiers of NFTs, each representing a unique species (Orc, Elf, Beast, Ninja and Paladin); the higher the tier, the more significant your advantages.

Merging Mechanism

AshGuard NFT Tier 4 (Ninja) and Tier 5 (Paladin) cannot be minted directly on launch. To get these advanced NFTs, you’ll need to either combine lower-tier ones on AshPerp, purchase them from a secondary marketplace, like XOXNO, or receive them from other owners.How merging works:

  • Combine two NFTs of the same tier (as per the table above) and pay a merging fee in ASH tokens.

  • We will send a higher-tier NFT to your wallet.

How to Mint and Merge AshGuard NFTs

You can check the step-by-step guide article here.

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