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veASH Utilities

ve stands for Voting Escrow, a system for temporarily locking up tokens (such as veCRV for Curve; or veASH for AshSwap). Governance staking is another way for ASH holders to benefit from holding ASH tokens. In simple terms, Governance Staking means you can stake (or lock) ASH to get more rewards. The main advantages of staking ASH are:

  1. Share 50% of the trading volume across all trading pools paid in LP-tokens of the main stablecoin pool.

  2. Boost your ASH Emission APR across all your LP pools by up to 250%.

  3. Vote in the AshDAO to govern emissions and other metrics.

What happens if more people lock their ASH?

That will reduce your percentage of veASH (your capacity) compared to the total diluted veASH, and consequently, the amount of rewards you receive from revenue sharing will also be reduced.

With veASH in your hand, you can now participate in below interesting sections:

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