📝Referral Guide

How to refer friends

  • Connect your wallet

  • In the top right corner, next to the "Connect wallet" button, you'll see your current referral benefits. Click here to access the referral page https://ashperp.trade/referral.

  • Go to the "Referral Details" tab, select "Refer new user to earn rebates," and then click "Refer now."

  • Share your referral code on Twitter and Telegram by clicking social buttons, or download the QR code to share it directly with friends.

  • Keep an eye on your referral journey to maintain a high tier and maximize rebate earnings.

  • You can claim your rebates at any time.

  • Under "Your Stats", monitor the trading activities of your referrals, including their address, trade initiation, entry date, weekly trading volume, and rebates paid to you.

  • Visit https://bop.ashswap.io/analytics to see your rank on the Referral Leaderboard in the Battle of Perps.

How to redeem a referral code

  • Click on any referral link, or scan QR code to enter Battle Of Perps.

  • Connect your wallet.

  • Click on the pop-up blue line stating "Redeem referral code XXYYZZ and get a 10% trading fee discount." This line will disappear after successful redemption or after 7 days if not redeemed.

  • In the "Referral Details" tab, click "Redeem Now".

  • Click "CONFIRM", and confirm the transaction in your wallet. That's it! Now, you're all set to open trades on AshPerp.

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