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Referral Guide

How to refer friends

  • Go to the "Referral Details" tab, select "Refer new user to earn rebates," and then click "Refer now."
  • Share your referral code on Twitter and Telegram by clicking social buttons, or download the QR code to share it directly with friends.
  • Keep an eye on your referral journey to maintain a high tier and maximize rebate earnings.
  • You can claim your rebates at any time.
  • Under "Your Stats", monitor the trading activities of your referrals, including their address, trade initiation, entry date, weekly trading volume, and rebates paid to you.
  • Visit to see your rank on the Referral Leaderboard in the Battle of Perps.

How to redeem a referral code

  • Click on any referral link, or scan QR code to enter Battle Of Perps.
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Click on the pop-up blue line stating "Redeem referral code XXYYZZ and get a 10% trading fee discount." This line will disappear after successful redemption or after 7 days if not redeemed.
  • In the "Referral Details" tab, click "Redeem Now".
  • Click "CONFIRM", and confirm the transaction in your wallet. That's it! Now, you're all set to open trades on AshPerp and compete in the Battle of Perps.
Last modified 2mo ago