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One-click Trading

Another name: 1CT

What is 1CT?

One-click trading (1CT) allows users to tap into the seamless experience of a CEX, unlocking the full performance of trading.
Without 1CT, users must sign multiple transactions when modifying an order or position with linked triggers. With 1CT, the process is automated delivering the trading experience more akin to a CEX but with self-custody.
The release of 1CT emulates the familiar trading experience of CEXs, where users can log in and start trading until they finish their trading affairs. The near-instant trade execution of 1CT imbues confidence into those fleeting pauses of apprehension preceding every trade instead of idling while you wait for an approval transaction to confirm.

How 1CT works?

1-Click Trading does this through the use of two new mechanisms:
  • 1CT wallet
    • AshPerp uses a derived externally owned account (EOA) wallet for submitting trading transactions. It relies on the following sequence:
      • Trader provides a 4 digit PIN.
      • Trader signs a prefixed message of the PIN using their wallet.
      • AshPerp generates a Secp256k1 key pair using the signed message as a seed.
      • AshPerp encrypts and stores the key material on the local device.
    • Once a trader creates a 1CT wallet, they must grant it permission to trade on their behalf by approving it as a delegate.
  • Trade delegation
    • AshPerp smart contracts support a delegation feature, allowing EOAs to submit transactions on behalf of other EOAs. To delegate trading to another EOA, a trader must approve the address as a delegate through the trading contract. A delegation wallet only needs gas funds for submitting transactions, as collateral and PnL are tied to the trader address.

How to use 1CT?

  • Step 1: Connect your wallet
Currently on Devnet we are supporting the MultiversX DeFi Wallet Extension, for further guide, please kindly check here.
  • Step 2: Enable 1CT
Click Enable 1CT
  • Step 3: Setup 1CT with your 4 digit number PIN CODE
Fill in your PIN CODE
Click Approve
  • Step 4: Deposit your token to 1CT wallet and start your trading journey
1CT is on, click Deposit to move your token to 1CT wallet
Choose the Amount and click Confirm


I don't see the Tx confirm when using 1CT
That's because you already gave the authority to your 1CT wallet.
1CT Feature will help you have the same experience with a CEX's experience, however, you will need to check the parameters carefully before click any confirmation.
I don't want to use 1CT anymore. How can i go back to the normal wallet
There are 2 ways you can do that:
1/ Click the button to change from "One click trading - ON" to "One click trading - OFF"
2/ Click Reset and confirm, you can re-connect the 1CT Wallet later
I turned on 1CT, but can not create Tx, why?
Remember to deposit xEGLD to your 1CT Wallet as gas fee
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