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Bribe Guide

How to Receive Bribe on AshSwap

If you're looking to receive rewards on AshSwap, you can participate in the Bribe feature. Here's how you can get started:

Step 1: Visit the Farm Weight Voting page

To begin, head over to the Farm Weight Voting page and select the farm that you want to vote for.
The total amount of bribes for each pool will be displayed in the Bribe column on the interface's right side. The amount of Bribe you are eligible to receive is proportional to the ratio of Your voted veASH to the Total voted veASH of each pool.
Let's move on to Step 2 to see how much bribe you can get.

Step 2: Claim your Bribe rewards

Once you've voted for a farm, you can then proceed to claim your Bribe rewards by visiting the Bribe page.
Your Bribe = Total Treasures * Your Capacity of X farm in Farm Weight Voting
These are some criteria you need to check:
  • Total Treasures: the amount of the pool’s bribe.
  • Capacity: the ratio of your veASH weight votes for the X farm over its total veASH weight votes.
  • Available Until: the last day you can claim your current reward.
Simply click the "Claim" button to receive your reward after the current voting cycle ends (every Thursday).
Note: If you forget to claim your reward within the DAO cycle (7 days), your reward will return to the Total rewards pool and be divided equally among other participants in the next DAO cycle.
To better understand how Bribe rewards work, refer to the example below:
A DAO cycle begins at 00:00 UTC every Thursday with a 7-day duration. For instance, let's say it's Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. Here's how the Bribe rewards work:
  • The Total Bribe of USDT/ASH farm is currently 0.
  • Week 1: On Friday, user Alice creates a Bribe for USDT/ASH Pool with a 5,000 USDC reward. Alice’s 5,000 USDC Bribe reward is added to the Total Rewards pool of USDT/ASH farm. User Bob and Chad (along with other participants) vote for the USDT/ASH farm to receive the reward.
  • Week 2: At 00:00 Thursday, the Total rewards pool is distributed to participants who voted for the USDT/ASH farm last week. However, some participants forget to claim their reward, and by the end of the DAO cycle, 2,000 USDC rewards remain unclaimed.
  • Week 3: The 2,000 USDC reward left will be returned to the Total rewards pool and combined with other Bribe rewards.

How to Create Bribes

If you're interested in creating Bribes to incentivize participants to vote for your farm, here's how you can get started:

Step 1: Visit the Bribe page

To create a Bribe , visit the Bribe page and click on the "Create Bribe" button.

Step 2: Select a farm and reward token

Next, select the farm that you want to offer rewards for and choose the reward token. Input the amount of rewards that you want to offer and then click "Create Bribe."
Select Reward Token and Input Amount
Click “Create Bribe” and confirm the transaction
Your bribe has been successfully created at this point and is now ready to be distributed to users who voted for your farm in the subsequent DAO cycle.
Let's get the word out to vote for your farm, shall we?
Note: Once you create a Bribe, you cannot undo your action or request a refund. Additionally, the "Create Bribe" action is separate from the “Voting” action, which means that after creating a Bribe for a farm, you can also vote for that farm and receive your created Bribe. The reward from the Bribe you created will be estimated at $ and combined with other Bribe rewards created by others to be shown in the Total rewards section.
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