AshSwap Docs

Understand AshSwap

Overview of AshSwap and the reasons behind it.
AshSwap is the pioneer Stable-swap AMM DEX and Auto-Concentrated Liquidity on the MultiversX blockchain.
Robust and decentralized financial infrastructure is inevitably needed for an ecosystem of decentralized applications to thrive. AshSwap aims to become a financial layer powering development on MultiversX Network.
The current AshSwap version features AMM liquidity pools powered by Stable-swap and Concentrated Liquidity algorithms. The next version will transform AshSwap into a powerful exchange providing various trading products.
Our available features:
  • Swap
    • Legacy Swap
    • Aggregator Swap with Dynamic Trade Routing
  • Liquidity Provision
  • Liquidity Stake - Farming
  • AshDAO - Governance
    • Governance Stake
    • Farm Boost
    • Farm Weight Voting
    • Proposal Voting
    • Bribe
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