AshSwap Docs

Understand AshSwap Token

ASH token and how it works within the AshSwap Protocol and Platform.

Native Token - ASH

ASH is the native token of AshSwap. It serves as the entry for extended features and incentivizes liquidity providers on the platform.
ASH Token Utility:
  • Revenue Sharing
  • DAO Voting Right
  • Farming Yield Boosting
  • Stablecoin Minting Fee (coming)
This helps:
  • Reduce selling pressure & create constant buying pressure
  • Bring benefits to long-term holders
  • Create revenue stream
By locking ASH for a certain amount of time in Governance Staking, users get veASH in return and have multiple benefits.

Governance Token - veASH

  • Holders of veASH earn 50% of the trading across all pools on the exchange.AshSwap Litepaper
  • veASH can be used to boost farming yields. Yield Boost
  • veASH represents the voting power in AshDAO in which users can participate in governing specific metrics in AshSwap products. DAO
As AshSwap evolves and more products are developed, veASH holders will continue to greatly benefit from those.

Obtaining ASH

  • ASH can be obtained by participating in Liquidity Staking (Farming) program on AshSwap and Metastaking program on xExchange.
  • ASH is currently listed on xExchange (ASH/EGLD) and AshSwap’s concentrated liquidity pool (ASH/USDT).