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Add/ Remove liquidity
How to become a liquidity provider. One step closer to financial empowerment.
By depositing to the pool, you are providing liquidity for two currencies in that pool & you will be honored as a Liquidity Provider (LP). LP on AshSwap can earn both from trading fees and be benefited with our unique farming mechanism which will be revealed out later.
  • All the rewards as EGLD seen in the images below are just placeholder. AshSwap will not emit EGLD as farming rewards.

Go to the Pool page to find the pool you want.
Enter the token amount. We notice the confusion of users when providing liquidity on other stable-swap exchanges, that is users have to manually enter both amounts, so at AshSwap, you need only to fill one, the other will be automatically calculated. The ratio will be equal to the current ratio in the pool.
We will estimate your rewards you can have attending to this pool.
Click the checkbox to agree with our Terms & Policy. Now click Deposit and sign the transaction(s) in your wallet.
After depositing, you can click Your Pools button to filter and see which pools you are on.
These are calculated values based on on-chain data, there might be a slight difference with your real rewards.

We are so sad :( if you choose to do this, but here is how.
Choose the pool you want to withdraw liquidity from and specify the withdrawing amount. Your rewards will also be claimed.
You can withrdaw fully or partially your liquidity
Confirm on your wallet and you're good to go.
After adding tokens into the pools, you will have the LP-tokens as the reward; and now you can continue to the Liquidity Staking​
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