AshSwap Docs
If you're on Testnet and do not have the tokens, we have you covered.
To be able to test AshSwap, you need both our faucets for tokens and Elrond's faucet for transaction fees.
Update on July 05: our testnet already finished and moved to for users who still want to try our beta version.
List of tokens you will need to claim on faucet (link below):
  • dEGLD
  • USDC-d5181d
  • USDT-a55fa7
  • WUSDC-3124eb
  • RENBTC-0b6973
  • WBTC-9bdb9b
Do not forget to choose "Devnet" on the Network list.

Option 1: Go to and paste your wallet address, choose the tokens, click Submit and you have enough xEGLD for a lot of transactions. So easy, I sometimes wish this is real EGLD.
As much xEGLD as you want
Option 2: In case the above link doesn't work, you can access this link:, after connecting with your wallet, you can request 10 xEGLD every 24 hours.
Now you're good to go. Have fun using AshSwap!
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