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Yield Boost
How you will interact with AshSwap’s new feature: Yield Boosting

Yield Boosting is a new feature of AshSwap, so before starting to test it, let’s spend some minutes reading this article from Mr. Neil to understand how this feature works.
What is Yield Boosting and Why is it important?
Now, let’s explore the details of our new interesting feature.

  • Choose the Pool you want & deposit the token into it

  • Choose “Liquidity Stake”
  • Choose the farm you want and start depositing the LP tokens
  • Choose the farm you want and start depositing the LP tokens
  • Then you can try clicking the Farm boost icon.
This is where you will see, there are some things to notice here:
  • veASH consumes: the amount of veASH you will need to have to boost this farm
  • veASH available: the amount of veASH you are holding
  • C: current boost
  • Max: max boost possible
  • Calculator: use this feature to calculate your boost strategy

  • Move to Governance Stake feature
  • Start stacking ASH to get veASH
For detailed guide about how to staking ASH, check here:

Click the “Farm boost” button beside the “Stake Stats”
As you can see here, there are some changes in the interface:
  • New Boost: your new boost which based on your LP-token amount & veASH amount
  • veASH available: you will have the same amount of veASH available on all farms from the beginning
The maximum boost possible is x2.5, which means after clicking the “Confirm new boost” button, the system will consume your veASH to boost as much as possible.

  • This available veASH is not your staking veASH in Governance Staking
  • After using available veASH for boosting, your Governance veASH will not be affected
  • If you want to have more available veASH for boosting, move to Governance Stake and stake more ASH there
  • If you want to boost your specific farm, USDT-USDC e.g., you can choose it on the Liquidity Stake page
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On this page
Step 0: Take a look at the Yield Boosting Description
Step 1: Deposit tokens into the Pool to take LP Tokens
Step 2: Stake LP Tokens to the Farm
Step 3: Stake ASH to get veASH
Step 4: Start to boost your farm